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Here we've created a really fast and easy to use Kilo to Stone converter so you can quickly and easily convert Kilos to Stones. We've designed this weight converter from the ground up because we wanted to make it the most easiest to use weight conversion calculator on the web. We think it's a great way to convert Kilos to Stone and this site will always be free to use.

To get started all you have to do is adjust the dropdown box in the middle (select either Kilo to Stone or Stone to Kilo) and then type in your amount on the big box on the left. With each Kilo or Stone you type into the box, you'll see an instant conversion in the opposite box.

People use this site mainly because of the Metric System and they have been given a weight in Kilos and want to convert this weight into Stones. This is really common in exercise plans and technical specifications.

We will soon be bringing out an updated version of this calculator so it's easy to use on your mobile phone. We hope to make the most easy to use and widely available Kilos to Stone conversion tool in the UK.

Kilo To Stone Converter & Stone To Kilo Converter

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Website updated DAILY. 1 Kilo = 0.157473 Stone (updated 29-05-2016)


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